An important difference between guys and girls

So, there is a very important difference between guys and girls (apart from the obviously different plumbing ) and it has to do with our ability to perceive members of our respective sexes.

If you ask a girl if she thinks another girl is good looking, odds are she will be able to answer. Odds are also good that if you are a guy you will agree with her opinion. What I’m saying is that girls know how to identify the popular notion of beauty in members of their own sex.

Guys can’t. Maybe I’m being a little general (ok maybe a lot) but from my own experience I am completely unable to tell if some guy going to be considered attractive.

I wonder why that is. Maybe it’s because society has a more cookie cutter notion of attractiveness for girls and less so for guys. What do you think?


~ by tahnok on January 16, 2010.

One Response to “An important difference between guys and girls”

  1. Hey Wes. I was introduced to this blog from On Everything And Nothing, so I was expecting posts by both of you. It took me until halfway through this one to realize it was you. Not that I assumed it was Danielle, but maybe you should clarify who is writing the post when you post it? Just a thought.

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