Girls always pee together

Who wrote that rule? Why is it that being a girl means you always need to be reminded by members of my sex that you must use the washroom with them? I personally don’t enjoy other people hearing me pee. Nor do I marvel at the sound of other people’s urine splashing against the water in the toilette bowl. So why do we do it? I’ve come to believe that it is cause girls need to fill their gossip quota and the privacy of the bathroom facilitates such action. Then again, it could be that girls often need to exchange illicit materials such as tampons.
But it must look weird to a guy. I mean guys never pee together. They will purposely wait until they can’t anymore so they will avoid having to go to the bathroom with a friend. An other thing that makes me wonder is how do they choose which urinal to pee in? For example, girls can continue their conversation across the bathroom stale walls guys can’t enjoy such privacy. So do they stop talking to each other the moment they enter the bathroom and pretend they don’t know each other? Or do they casually move to urinals next to each other so they can continue talking which goes against all rules of manliness?

[commence other author’s writing]

Well let met tell you how it works with guys. We usually try not to end up in the bathroom together, but if we have to we will tacitly acknowledge each others presences until we reach the wall of urinals. At that point the standard rules of urinal choosing apply. Please refer to XKCD’s blag post about urinal protocol for more information on the specifics. If the unthinkable happens and there are only two adjacent urinals open for you and your buddy, you must stare at the advertisement in front of you until you are done peeing and never acknowledge the fact that you could conceivably see your buddy’s junk if you turned your head. Once you have emptied your bladder, proceed to wash hands and pretend nothing awkward might have happened. [end of other author’s work]


ps other author has a penis

PPS: Here is an awesome bunch of urinals as chaser


~ by tahnok on December 29, 2009.

One Response to “Girls always pee together”

  1. I enjoyed this. I like to see things from both sides. You might also try have one author in italics and the other not… or something.

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